Creators Offline

“We love working with Adil! We've worked with him on a number of projects for audio branding and every time, he's nailed the feeling we're going for. He has a an amazing sense of brand, sound design, and music.”

Genki Hagata (Founder of Creators Offline)

All Walks of Art Podcast

“I can’t believe all I had to do was give Adil an idea of what I wanted for my podcast theme music and it was like he read my mind. He new the vibe I was after and created a jingle that really sets the mood for the show.”

Michael Warth (Podcast Host)

Technically Speaking Podcast

I was referred to the host, Jacklyn Dallas and connected on Twitter when she was looking for someone who can create intro music for her new podcast. It was such a pleasure working with Jacklyn and Darsh (Co-host) and I was able to create the right jingle within 2 days. “You are not only extremely talented but you have been a pleasure to work with” - Jacklyn “Yo I listened to them! Fantastic work man, I love it” - Darsh

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