About Me

My name is Adil Constantine and I am a musician who started to document his journey on YouTube to help other musicians on their creative journey.

I've been playing music since childhood and my main instrument is the guitar but i do ok with piano as well 😁

I started my music production journey in 2018 and I fell in love with the process and learning all of the ways to get my music from ideation, to composing and recording, to mastering and releasing .

Because I have learned so much a long the way I found joy in teaching everything I learned about the music production process and by documenting it on YouTube I built a lovely community of aspiring musicians who share a common goal of making more music and putting it out there.

On This Site

The goal of this blog site is to share my content in a written format (Not everyone likes to watch videos 😁) but also because YouTube loves niched down content I wanted to have a space to share other stuff I like to create and not just music.

          "Create Something Everyday"

This is a motto I like to live by and as a creator I love creating not just music but I also love:

  • photography,
  • 3D Printing
  • and recently I found a new passion for woodworking.
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